Round Up Some Flavor Ranch dressing can add an Old West flavor to foods such as Grilled Steak Panini.

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Round Up Some Flavor Ranch dressing can also add a classic West flavor to foods for example Grilled Steak Panini.

There's an easy and attractive method to gather healthy meals and corral great taste. Scrumptious ranch dressing adds a little that old West to just about any meal.

You can now get great ranch naturally. Litehouse Ranch Dressing doesn't have preservatives, no MSG and, since it is created using heart-healthy canola oil, no trans fats, that have been associated with a larger chance of cardiovascular disease.

Which means you may make cake recipes that may get your little dogies in the future stampeding towards the dining room table. Grilled steak panini with ranch dressing could be a hit with children and grown ups. Serve it as being a hearty lunch meal, chop up as appetizers or having a thrown salad along with a side of corn for supper.

Grilled Steak Panini

4 slices sourdough or artisan bread

1/2 pound steak

4 roasted red peppers

1/4 cup Litehouse Homestyle Ranch, Rustic Ranch or Jalapeno Ranch Dressing

Grill, broil or panfry steak until the quality of doneness is arrived at. Let it awesome five to ten minutes. Slice from the grain or diagonally and hang aside. Preheat panini press, George Foreman Grill or skillet. Spread Litehouse Ranch Dressing on bread, using more when needed. Layer 1/2 the sliced steak and top with 2 roasted red peppers. Grill roughly two to three minutes. If utilizing a skillet, turn and grill on other part. Makes 2 servings.

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